My Time As Miss USO

 Jennifer Patty

Miss USO is a “volunteer title" given to a young lady who has proven through performances and/or appearances her genuine concern for America's military family.  She should posses charm, pose, and some form of talent which she may be called on to display throughout the year at various special events ceremonies or entertainment programs.  The USO is a hard taskmaster, and Miss USO, as its Ambassador of Goodwill, will find herself with many diversified duties.  At one moment she may be at any one of the 22 Veterans Hospitals and Homes in the tri-state area of New York, New jersey, and Connecticut touring the wards, talking with patients, or performing in our bi-annual entertainment tours, and the next acting as a representative and hostess for Foreign Military Dignitaries.
                                -Miss USO Description, United Service organization, Inc (USO)

Jennifer Patty Miss USO 1997 visiting VA Hospital


 Jennifer Patty Miss USO 1997 visiting hospitalized American war vetrans.

Reading letters to veterans.

Visiting veterans with members of the USO Troupe of Metropolitan New York

USO Troupe visiting hospitalized American war vetrans. 


The USO Troupe of Metropolitan New York
Victoria Reed (Director)
Ellen Sowney (Miss USO 1998)
Jennifer Patty (Miss USO 1997)

The USO Troupe of metropolitan New York 1997, Victoria Reed, Ellen Sowney, Jennifer Patty

As Miss USO 1997
The Military Ball
Waldorff Astoria, NYC
As Miss USO 1997
Naval Event , 1997

Honoring actress
 Joyce Randolph
USO Woman of the Year,
April 1998

With Miss USO 1998
 (Ellen Sowney)
and honored female
service personnel 

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